How did Metaseum come to life?
3 min readMay 19, 2022


Today is the 4th anniversary since the creation of Broken Egg, the founding company of Metaseum and the source of knowledge and expertise behind this new and exciting project, but how did we draw inspiration from our experience as Broken Egg to create Metaseum?

At Broken Egg, our objective has always been to help our clients and partners navigate the world of blockchain technology and the metaverse. Metaseum is our most ambitious and long-term project, with which we envision museums acquiring a leading role in NFT sales and the metaverse and thus having an important social impact, but we also offer NFT and Metaverse related services to partners in other markets who might need our knowledge to boost their company.

To start with, Broken Egg was the successor of another company, Next Generation, which focused mostly on 3D design, ecommerce and marketing, we designed products for other companies, and eventually prioritised working for museums. This shift was mostly thanks to BIEN moves, a company that went to market in September 2019 as an high quality accessories brand, creating all kinds of products for Museum shops. This partnership provided us valuable connections to museums and a lot of retailers.

Mnftfriend pfp — Billionaire Club #5198

The achievements of Next Generation provided us a platform to shift our business towards blockchain technology, something of great interest to us from the beginning. Our knowledge of design, marketing and 3D modelling came in handy at the start of our project. In our first year we prioritised investment and research, first on cryptocurrencies, and then by the start of 2020 on NFTs, where we saw great potential due to our skills and contacts in the art world, acquired during our experience at Next Generation. On Discord, we started networking and building community under the name of Mynftfriend with other blockchain enthusiasts, and from there we acquired greater knowledge on investment and design and important contacts that would help us greatly in the future. For NFTs in general we provided companies with NFT design, marketing and collection strategies, and workshops for exploring the potential of each client in web3.

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Within a few months, our interest in NFTs lead us to the Metaverse, which increased our interest in blockchain and NFTs even more, due to the realisation that every object in the metaverse was an NFT, something that gave us a world of opportunities to conduct different kinds of business. Our first idea was Metawest, a project by which we bought, sold and built on land on the Metaverse for other companies. This project gave us the funds to set a new company, and because of our old contacts in the art world and a growing network around crypto, we believed it was our opportunity to introduce museums to the metaverse, thus Metaseum took off on December of 2021.