How Web3 will change the job market
3 min readMar 14, 2023


Web3 is an internet built on blockchain technology and it is a decentralized and open network that enables individuals to participate in the creation, development, and exchange of value. With its peer-to-peer design, Web3 is changing the traditional web and introducing new job opportunities that did not exist before. It is expanding rapidly, and more companies are incorporating Web3 technologies into their business. As Web3 continues to evolve, it is becoming clear that the job market will also change. It will not only change the way we interact online, but it is also introducing new job opportunities that did not exist before.

The evolution of the web

The changing job market in Web3

One of the biggest changes in the Web3 job market is the shift away from traditional recruiting and hiring methods. Instead, companies can take a more active approach by seeking out candidates on social media platforms like Discord and Twitter, as well as through participation in hackathons and other industry events. It will allow companies to connect with people who are passionate about Web3. Another change is the increasing need for skills and knowledge related to Web3 technology. Since many of these skills can be easily verified through a portfolio, hiring managers and recruiters are placing more emphasis on practical experience rather than simply a traditional resume. However, it can also present challenges for job seekers and employers because this technology is still new and evolving and there is a shortage of skilled Web3 professionals. Companies may need to invest more time and resources in training.

Web3 and the arts & culture industry

Web3 presents new and exciting opportunities for people with expertise in the arts and culture industry. Those with a good understanding of this technology, combined with an understanding of the cultural context in which it is being used, are in high demand. One way Web3 is revolutionizing the industry is through digital marketplaces, where artists can sell their work directly to buyers without middlemen. Digital art creators are also thriving in this new environment, with endless possibilities for showcasing their work in innovative ways. Another exciting area of Web3's impact is metaverse events, where people can experience art and culture in virtual environments. To make these events come to life, designers who know Web3 technology and the cultural context are needed to create and shape the look, feel, and functionality of the virtual world. With the rapid evolution of Web3, there are plenty of opportunities for those who combine technical expertise with a love of art and culture.

An NFT marketplace

In conclusion

Web3 is transforming the traditional web and creating new job opportunities in various fields. Its decentralized and open network is expanding rapidly, and companies are incorporating Web3 technologies into their business. Job seekers with skills related to Web3 technology and a passion for art and culture are in high demand. As Web3 continues to evolve, it presents endless possibilities for those who combine technical expertise with creativity and innovation.