Meet the Metaseum team
5 min readJul 6, 2022


Metaseum is a fast-growing company thanks to its innovative proposal and its dedicated team who have taken it this far. Each member of the team comes from a unique background and has their own goals for the future, bringing with them a different skillset and perspective to the table. We wanted to give our readers some insight into our team and walk a day in our shoes.


As the CEO and founder of Metaseum, Martijn wanted to make a bigger impact on the world of art and culture, since the spread of knowledge virtually through Metaseum can help the younger generation engage more with museums. His day-to-day in the organisation consists of supervising company development and marketing strategy as well as working on partnership deals.

Martijn’s background in design allowed him to develop Metaseum’s brand image and marketing strategy and provide strong foundations to the project. Martijn’s early experience as an entrepreneur allowed him to learn how to attract new clients to his projects and realise the importance of networking for business growth.

Martijn is a quick problem solver, which allows him to keep tabs on various projects simultaneously and carry them to term successfully, while his eye for design and social skills have allowed him to share his vision easily and establish a wide network of clients and partners. Martijn believes that the metaverse will be one of the biggest digital movements in the world and that it will coexist intuitively with the physical world.


Daniel is our COO and an active entrepeneur who brings great ideas to the table. His motivation to form part of Metaseum was to be part of a still new technology at the disposal of a big concept: the future of art. At Metaseum his role is the development of strategies to carve out a space for Metaseum at the top of the Metaverse and how these strategies can be implemented efficiently.

Daniel is a versatile person with a good capacity to adapt to different environments, which reflects in his goal to create something that may offer opportunities to other people and make their lives better. He sees the Metaverse as a place where people will be able to conduct business or develop their professional skills.


Alina is our Project Manager, which means she is in charge of making sure that every project is carried to term on time and according to the client’s expectations. This means she is often a helping hand for others when things don’t go according to the plan and will take responsibility to ensure everything is in order. Her motivation to join Metaseum comes from the challenge a project like this supposes and the opportunities to implement strategic thinking from its very inception.

Alina’s background has provided her great skills in different fields of design and engineering for research, business and marketing. This means she knows how to market a product but also how to keep tabs on the finance and structure of an organisation. She is also familiar with different types of design software such as AfterEffects and InDesign, and has worked as a stage designer for festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Alina already had good knowledge of blockchain technology and has been active with NFT trade for a long time, and she envisions a future where the metaverse will help alleviate some issues in the physical world such as overpopulation by channeling many interactions to that space.

Some of our team members enjoying an evening together


Tyo is our concept developer and 3D artist, which means he helps visualize ideas and concepts to establish more convincing concepts and results, and eventually create a final product for our clients or for in-house projects. Tyo’s motivation to join Metaseum was the unique concept of Metaseum and the immense potential for developing 3D design under a project dedicated to art in the Metaverse, which will allow him to grow as a 3D artists and showcase his vision of the future.

Tyo also comes from an industrial design background, which fueled his passion for 3D modeling and provided him experience with various 3D programmes. He has already been developed a collection of 3D art which he hopes to share as NFTs in the future. Tyo sees a bright future for the Metaverse because since the Covid 19 pandemic people have expanded their digital comfort zones, and the Metaverse is the next step in terms of digital interaction.


Ynes is in charge of our marketing strategy and social media management, her studies in media and communication have helped her acquire a deeper understanding of marketing and the importance of communication in cultural institutions, Metaseum’s main type of clients. Ynes’ motivation to join the team was her interest for museums and the company’s proposal for an alternative way of experiencing museums and a solution towards crowds, time restrictions and money.

Ynes’ greatest strengths are her passion for culture and communication and her easy-going attitude, which is helpful in a work environment when receiving feedback and maintaining a positive energy amongst colleagues. Ynes enjoys the fact that we are a small team, since it means the atmosphere is more personal and welcoming and you get to learn the various departments within the project.


Basel’s role in the company is to expand Metaseum to the Middle East and do networking for the company. His motivation to join Metaseum comes from his interest in technology and his multicultural background, where culture and identity is often forgotten by newer generations, who could benefit and learn a great deal more from their culture with digital tools that would appeal to them.

Basel’s interest and experience in history and culture comes from his father’s profession as a tour guide and a family who emphasized on the preservation of culture. He combines his family heritage with his background in industrial design to expand Metaseum to the Middle East. Basel wants to use his ideas and skills to benefit others, and sees in the Metaverse a great opportunity to improve education and make it more fun and interactive.