The World’s First Scientifically Accurate NFT Collection
4 min readDec 1, 2022

An essential yet frequently undervalued part of our ecosystem is jellyfish. On December 16th, we will officially launch our first NFT collection in collaboration with the Aquarium de Paris. This will help us expand our understanding of the species’ biology and to increase our understanding of the value of marine conservation!

The Jellyfish NFT Collection

Each unique NFT has been meticulously 3D-designed using the software, Blender. They will represent one of the many species that can be found in the aquarium with randomized backgrounds. The NFTs will hopefully serve as educational support for discovering these species that people know little about! The aquarium’s team of marine biologists independently validated their Latin names, morphologies, tentacles, scientific families, danger index, geographical locations, and ages. For the first time in NFT history, metadata will allow scientific features to be classified. Owners of these NFTs will have free access to the Aquarium, discounts in the shop and invitations to VIP events and the nightclub. What’s more exciting than an NFT with real-life utilities and scientifically accurate characteristics?

3D designing of jellyfish using Blender

How to Buy an NFT

The NFTs cost 0.18eth. For non-regulars: go to the “Aquarium de Paris” tab of the Metaseum website, select “buy an NFT,” and then use your preferred method of payment, such as Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, GooglePay, etc., to make a direct payment. This method is made possible by our partner Byont and is as simple to complete as any other online purchase. For individuals who frequently use NFTs or are just getting started, you can complete your purchase using your wallet, like Metamask, and pay with Ethereum.

Collectors cannot choose which NFT they will receive when they buy an NFT; instead, they are chosen at random and revealed on a fixed date after the launch. On a secondary market, the Opensea platform, or any other platform that supports the Ethereum blockchain, it is then possible to trade, sell, or acquire an NFT. Collectors are encouraged to reserve an NFT in advance to ensure their ability to purchase one. This list will grant access to 100 pre-minted NFTs, much like a whitelist, which is a procedure used in NFT minting. These NFTs will be transmitted straight by airdrop to the collector’s wallet without incurring any transaction fees (gas fees). Visit the Metaseum discord to learn more.

Cephea cephea
Cephea cephea

History of the Aquarium

The Aquarium de Paris is the world’s oldest aquarium. Opened in 1867, it has welcomed more than 700.000 visitors per year. The caves were even used by Napoleon and his troops to hide during the French Revolution. The Aquarium de Paris is home to 60 species of jellyfish — the second-largest collection of jellyfish in the world. Their team includes four marine biologists, who are jellyfish experts, controlling the many parameters for each species, such as salinity, temperature, current and nutrition. In addition to its vast collection of marine life, the Aquarium also has a wide variety of exhibits focusing on the preservation of ocean life. The Aquarium de Paris will enter the metaverse in 2023, making it the first aquarium in history to do so.


We are the metaverse of culture, making it possible for museums, monuments and galleries to enter Web3 and making art accessible for everyone. Just like there are thousands of museums in the real world, Metaseum will contain thousands of digital exhibitions. The public is invited to explore the artwork and information in museums all over the world. Through the “learn to earn” method, visitors will learn to earn cryptocurrency which is reusable within the metaverse. The metaverse Metaseum will allow visitors to transcend rigid physical restrictions by swimming in an aquarium, running around the halls, interacting with artwork, etc.

Launch Event

The Collection Launch Party will be held on Friday, December 16 at 9:30 p.m. at the Paris Aquarium during a cocktail hour with the Aquarium and Metaseum staff. In the meantime, we will be hosting an AMA Twitter space on the 1st of December at 7 pm CET. We will give you a more detailed introduction to the company and Jellyfish NFT collection as well as answer all of your questions.